Zèle owners and staff will:

  • provide customer service and complete all transactions
  • maintain detailed records  
  • provide each vendor with monthly documentation on sales and taxes 
  • pay vendors once monthly on all sales transactions, minus 10% sales commission
  • alert vendors when their inventory is low
  • maintain a clean and safe environment for all


As a Zèle vendor, you must agree to:

  • pay Zèle 12% commission on all sales 
  • pay rent on the 20th of each month (rent will not be deducted from monthly sales. It must be paid separately)
  • pay a maximum of 3% on all credit/debit card charges
  • decorate and clean your space
  • price, maintain, and restock your inventory
  • maintain and file all individual tax forms (you will receive monthly statements with detailed sales records, but filing is your responsibility. Zèle is NOT responsible for filing your annual federal or state taxes) 
  • agree not to whine or complain more than twice a month!
  • no vendor business on Saturdays (no set up or restocking or check pick up never ever on a Saturday)


Zèle owners and staff are not responsible for:

  •  lost or stolen items  
  •  insurance on vendor inventory