Zèle is the first of its kind in the New Orleans area. It’s not a co-op or a flea market. Zèle is a Multivendor Art Market. NOLA has several outdoor art markets offered monthly, but we do not have any permanent indoor markets where our local artists can display and have their extraordinary work sold for them.

This is exactly what Zèle  offers, a place for and by NOLA’s own!


The owners of Zèle want to offer shoppers a one stop shopping location that is stocked by locals with one of a kind items. We also want to give our vendors a prime and secure location to sell their handmade creations. If you have considered opening your own business or want to see if there’s a market for your custom creations, you can do it now without the heartache or financial burden of opening your own store. Keep your day job while keeping your passion and dream alive and growing by becoming a part of

Zèle Multivendor Art Market!